Changing communities through tech

In 2018 4000 people  were displaced when a fire ravaged through an informal settlement in Khayalitsha, Cape Town. Tragically this is a common occurrence throughout townships in South Africa, often leading to loss of life.

Lack of access to water and narrow paths between shacks delay rescue team access to affected areas allowing fires to spread fast from home to home.

Mzuvukile Monco is an entrepreneur who through his desire to use various low and high technology devices aims to prevent shack fires and other problems that affect his community.

We need installation agents

Growth of the smoke detector project is important. It is a platform where youth in Khayelitsha can learn how to install smoke detectors and earn money. Please contact us if you are interested in learning a new skill.

Science & Technology Students

We’re opening doors and enrolling young people to participate in our electrical projects. This is a platform where youth in Western Cape can learn how to build electrical circuits, fix irons, kettles, and electronic devices, and earn pocket money.

Please contact us if you are interested in registering your child to join this program to learn a new skill.

Need a smoke detector installed?

The moment a fire breaks out and there is smoke, the alarm will alert you. Often people are in a deep sleep when fires break out, the device will also be able to warn neighbours. Please contact us if you would like a smoke detector installed.

Earn Up to R 5000/pm

Get up to:

Daily –  R200

Weekly – R1000

Monthly – R5000

This program is commission-based, you let people buy this product and earn. Please contact us or signup for your account and then wait for the approval.

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Mzuvukile Monco

With an N5 Certificate in Electrical Engineering, I set up my own radio station, called Radio Khaltsha, broadcasting to Khayelitsha which has a regular following of about 1000 listeners. The community’s positive response and interaction with my content gave me the confidence to explore other ways of reaching out and helping my community.

Continuous fires that ravage the informal settlement leading to displaced community members and loss of life set me to explore various ways to prevent or slow down the spread of fires from shack to shack.

Through work as an artisan with Eskom I saved up to buy battery operated smoke detectors that will signal the start of a fire. This will alert both the home owner and neighbours of the potential danger, giving them time to escape to safety and alert rescue services.